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(1) What we have is a non-exclusive distribution agreement that can be terminated at any time by either party. This means that I will distribute your music according to the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement, but you are free to market, distribute, and sell your music on your own as well through whatsoever channels you deem most proper. I am offering distribution to a potentially wider audience through my relationships with retailers and distributors.

(2) You will provide me with "camera-ready" copy PDFs as well as Finale files of all scores and parts for each work. I will create listings for the work, allowing them to be sold on through my channels: (1) publisher-direct (AyotteMusic); (2) J. W. Pepper; (3); (4) eBay; and (5) In the case of J. W. Pepper and Sheet Music Plus, I will upload the files you provide me with directly to their servers for distribution.

(3) I will decide on retail pricing (gross) for each work, and we will split the profits (net) 50% / 50%. Here is a couple of sample scenarios:

(3.a) A work sells on J. W. Pepper for $100.00 (gross). Pepper retains 75% for their overhead (processing, printing, binding, shipping) and pays me 25% quarterly. Of that 25%, I pay you 12.5% (n this case, $12.50) per unit sold.

(3.b) A work sells on Amazon for $100.00 (gross). Amazon retains 15% for their overhead (processing) and pays me 85% immediately. Of that 85%, I subtract my overhead (printing, binding, shipping) which varies from piece to piece. The remainder (net) is split between is 50% / 50%.

(3.c) eBay, and AyotteMusic work in similar ways.

(3.d) A work sells on Sheet Music Plus. SMP retains 65% for their overhead; the remaining 45% is split between us (we each net 22.5%, or $22.50 per each $100 set sold).

Royalties shall be distributed either by Check or by PayPal. If the latter, you shall be liable for the PayPal fees. I shall conduct market research on a rolling basis and adjust pricing as I deem appropriate.

(4)I will provide you with regular updates on your sales not less than quarterly, by the end of January, April, July, and October.

(5)The cost of the distribution service is $10.00 per sales channel (see paragraph 2 above) per piece; or $40.00 for all five. This is not a publishing fee; it is intended only to cover some of my time in creating the product listings.

(6) This agreement may be terminated at any time, for any reason, by either of us. If you suddenly decide that you no longer want worldwide marketing and distribution of your music, let me know and I will remove your listings from my stores without prejudice.


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