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Music Preparation Services

While the primary commercial goal of ACME is the creation of custom arrangements and the publication of new music, Dr. Benis pleased to lend his time and expertise to copyediting and engraving services for other publishers. Recent clients have included Edward Laufer, Dr. Erinn Knyt, Dr. Peter Smith, Ludwig Doblinger Verlag, the Atlantic Coast Opera Festival, and Clear Note Music.

The engraving of musical examples for theses, dissertations, and handouts falls under this category as well, and those authors retain all rights to their works. Recent clients include Dr. Boja Kragulj, whose dissertation, The Turkish Clarinet , helped earn her a Fulbright scholarship, and Dr. Erinn Knyt, whose recent research is to be published by Indiana University press.

For an estimate on a typesetting project, whether preparing music for commercial release or preparing musical examples for your thesis, dissertation, article, or conference presentation, contact us at (517) 304-1005. ​ For traditional musical notation, our rate is $0.30 per active frame. An active frame is defined as any measure of containing musical symbols. "Excessive" detailing carries with it an additional charge, as does texted music. ​

Using the following example of a sixteen-measure piece:

(1) a single staff consisting of the melodic line and all applicable expressions and articulations: $4.80

(2) a piano rendering of the same music: $9.60

(3) the same music arranged for string quartet: $19.20

(4) A twenty-piece orchestra performing the same music: $96.00 ​ get the idea. ​

Most projects contain one or two editorial passes back and forth to ensure complete satisfaction. ​ Graphic scores (e.g., Schenkerian sketches, modernist graphic scores, etc.) are evaluated on a per-case basis; call us with a description, or e-mail us samples for an estimate on your project.

Our work can be found in both commercial and parochial publications by Ashgate Press (London), Routledge Press (New York), VDM Verlag (Saarbrücken), Ludwig Doblinger Verlag (Austria), Clear Note Publications (Ohio), Michigan State University, and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. ​ ​

A is for ACCURACY: We will produce a score for you that is faithful to, and respectful of, your individual creativity. 

B is for BEAUTY: We will produce a score that is appealing to the eye, with due diligence given to page layout, spacing and readability. ​ ​

C is for CLARITY: We will work closely with you to ensure that your musical score conveys exactly the message you intend.

We are a full-service ASCAP-affiliated musical engraving firm, whose goal is to help you, the musician, communicate your creative ideas to your audience. We specialize in the publication of new music, musical examples for theses, dissertations, and journal articles, and custom musical arrangements for special events. Let our team of experts give you an estimate on your project! Recent projects include engraving Schenkerian sketches for Edward Laufer, a chamber opera of Karen Phipps, Musical Examples for leading musicological journals and university presses, and musical examples for a DMA Dissertation on Turkish clarinet music. ​

Dr. Benjamin Ayotte, our founding member, holds degrees in music from Eastern Michigan University and Michigan State University. He is a published author and working editor who has extensive experience both with Finale, the industry standard for musical engraving, and with leading image editing and office software. 

Services Offered

  • Musical typesetting from manuscript sources or MIDI files
  • Compilation of a score from parts and the reverse, extraction of parts from a score Transposition into any key, including providing multiple versions of a part
  • Transcription of texts into a libretto
  • Piano reduction from a score
  • Custom arrangements for any ensemble
  • Analytical overlay and custom examples ​​

Our Prices
We will provide an estimated "per page" price for most projects. Factors that influence price include, but are not limited to (1) legibility of source; (2) page format; (3) relative paucity or abundance of articulations, lyrics, dynamics, and other symbols; (4) the nature of the notation, e.g., traditional, lead sheet, graphic score; and (5) the desired turnaround time. What We Provide Depending on the option you choose, your package may include: ​ One bound double-sided score printed on a laser printer at 1200 dpi One copy of each part printed on a laser printer at 1200 dpi PDF files of each of the above (typically e-mailed, but a CD-ROM can be Provided) We can handle scores up to 13 x 19 (printing and coil/comb binding) 8.5 x 11 scores can be saddle-stitched, perfect-bound, or bound with comb or coil

Engraving Samples Gallery

This gallery contains some samples of engraving that I performed for recent clients, including Edward Laufer, Boja Kragulj, Peter H. Smith, and Erinn Knyt, These examples have been published in trade journals and in books from both commercial and academic presses.

Contact me at 517.304.1005 or for a quote on an engraving project. 

Sample #1
Sample #2
Sample #3
Sample #4
Sample #5
Sample #6
Sample #7
Sample #8
Sample #9
Sample #10


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