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Welcome to the VPASP Demo Blog!

With the new release of VPASP 800 we have included not only a News Article system but also a Blog Manager! How cool!

You can post your blogs and separate by category and by date.

Your visitors can also leave comments directly on the blog page using powerful and interactive tools from the new Web 2.0 technology.

We hope you like the new feature!The new release of VP-ASP 8.0 has a range of the latest online features. The Blog manager is but one of these.

This is an example of how your blog page could look.

You can manage your blog posts from directly within your admin so all your site management can be carried out from the one location. No more logging into multiple admins and trying to remember multiple passwords and login links.

Start your own blog and publish regular posts to keep your customers in the loop in a relaxed and chatty way. Unlike news articles your blog can be a less formal way of keeping in touch with your customers.

You can also include more content and details.


Sign up today and start building a successful online storefront!

I hope you like the new feature!

Cam Flanigan


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